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Running ColdFusion/Railo On The Command Line with ConEmu

Everytime I talk to Dan Wilson (who is quite smart) he mentions I should run my ColdFusion servers on the command line so I can see what's going on behind the curtain.

I've always been too lazy to actually do this but while troubleshooting a recent problem I ...

EMCopy - A Robocopy Replacement

We have a mix of Git, Ant and Robocopy scripts for deployments at work.

I've been working on moving everything into Jenkins.

We have a few projects that have a LOT of files. And I quickly ran into an issue using Robocopy to move them to the server took ...

Jenkins Master / Slave Setup

We've been using a mix of Ant and Robocopy scripts to deploy our apps. While it works it requires some technical skills, and in some instances logging into remote servers.

I wanted to develop a process where our QA person (who is non-technical) could easily deploy and move code ...

New Clipboard Favorite - Clipboard Help and Spell

I like Clipboard utilities. If you've seen any of my Toolbox talks this is always the tool I get the most feedback about. People always tell me how much more productive they became when they started using a clipboard manager.

I've used many over the years:

dbForge Studio for SQL Server - Intro

HeidiSQL is my go to tool for working with MySQL and lately I've been swapping between it and SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) for MSSQL work.

But it frequently crashes and I still get frustrated with SSMS. It 'works' but usually not like I expect it to.

Within SSMS ...

Using Grunt For Live Reload Revisited

In my last Grunt post Dan left a comment:

You might also want to check out Yeoman. Once it is installed you install the generator with npm install -g generator-webapp Then in your new folder just type yo webapp and it sets all that stuff up for you. From there ...

Using Grunt For Live Reload

Recently I was working on a JavaScript project that required a lot of trial and error coding which resulted in me hitting the F5 key repeatedly to see if things were working.

Grunt has been on my radar for awhile and I knew it could 'watch' things so I figured ...

Quick Git SSH Windows Password Tip

Using Git Bash on Windows I'm always prompted for my SSH password when I interact with Github. I don't get this on Ubuntu as it manages my password for me in it's keyring (I assume Mac has something similar).

I dug around and you can apparently hack ...

You Got Your Mouse In My Virtual Desktop

I usually work at home and have my dual monitors setup for writing code but a few days ago I was stuck just using my laptop and I was struggling a bit working with just one screen.

Then I got lazy.

I have a Logitech M510 mouse and it comes ...

MailCatcher - Local SMTP Server

Recently I've been developing a lot of JIRA workflows and I wanted to be able to test the email delivery as well but didn't want to reconfigure our existing notifications to send to different people.

I considered setting up my own mail server but that seemed a bit ...

cf.Objective 2014 - Digging Into The Developer Toolbox

I've been invited back to speak at cf.Objective in May!

cf.Objective() bills itself as "The World's Only Enterprise ColdFusion Conference" but much like NCDevCon they have expanded beyond ColdFusion and cover a wide range of topics. Checkout the sessions and you'll see things like AngularJS ...

Ubuntu 13 and ColdFusion Gotcha

Over the holidays I bought myself a new laptop to use for development and tinkering. I immediately setup Ubuntu 13 on it, Sublime and all the other goodies I needed.

I initially installed Railo (with no installation issues) but had some unrelated problems with ORM/unit testing that I need ...

AutoHotkey Remote Control

I have two standing desks setup at home. One is for my work computer and one is for my personal desktop.

We have a fairly strict firewall at work so I usually stream whatever music I'm listening to (CodeBass!) on my personal computer. This works fine until someone at ...

IE, Console.log and Git Hooks

Recently had an odd issue with Internet Explorer. I had some code doing a lot or showing and hiding using jQuery. Code worked fine on Firefox and Chrome and worked fine on my Internet Explorer (version 9).

For others using IE my code was failing.

The difference?

I had the ...

HeidiSQL - MySQL and MSSQL Interface

I've worked with all three major databases at one time or the other.

My go to tool when working with MySQL databases has always been HeidiSQL. Oracle has the excellent Oracle SQL Developer.

And that leaves Microsoft SQL Server which I've blogged about before.

Recently I've had ...

Sublime Projects File Hack

On this project I've been working on there are several components which could really be broken up and managed as individual Sublime projects.

I like to be able to search across several of them at once though so I've gotten into the habit of simple calling them all ...

Railo 4.1 Javaagent Setting on Windows

I recently updated my local Railo install from 4.0.4 to 4.1.

After updating I had a big warning message on my Railo admin screen:

There is no Java Agent defined in this enviroment. The Java Agent is needed to improve memory (PermGen Space) consumption for templates. To ...

Drinking The Git Kool Aid - Glass 4 - gitk

There are occasions where a more graphical interface IS useful with Git.

Want to see a list of all change, what files changed and what was changed IN those files in one view?

Git provides gitk:

gitk - The git repository browser

Displays changes in a repository or a selected set ...

Drinking The Git Kool Aid - Glass 3 - Aliases

So hopefully you've been using command line git for a few days.

Typing 'git status' and 'git difftool' over and over is a royal pain huh?

Turns out there is an easy solution!

Git aliases...

Open up your .gitconfig file we talked about in our last post and add ...

Drinking The Git Kool Aid - Glass 2 - Diff

In our last post we ran over the basics and I encouraged you to become familiar with the Git command line.

One thing I immediately missed was being able to do diffs like I could within TortoiseSVN to easily see what I had changed. Git will do diffs but I ...