I'm reinstalling all my software (got a new PC at work - whoohoo!) and was digging around for SVNService - a wrapper that allowed you to run SVN as a Windows service. All the links I found on Google were dead and I thought I was hosed until I found this:

Windows Service Support for svnserve

svnserve can now be run as a native Windows service. This means that the service can be started at system boot, or at any other time, without the need for any wrapper code to start the service.

Please note this applies to 1.4 and I'm assuming all versions moving forward.

Here is what I ran (WinXP):

sc create svn.local binpath= "\"c:\program files\subversion\bin\svnserve.exe\" --service --root D:\svnrepo" displayname= "Subversion Repository" depend= Tcpip

Once you run this - you will need to actually start the service - either via the Windows Service GUI or hit the command line and do a 'net start/stop yourservicename'

Important UpDate: 12/14/2006

Ray Camden notes that you have to type in the command exactly as shown above - with a space _after _each equals sign:

Yes: option= [space] "value" option2= [space] "value"

No: option="value" option2="value"

Published on Tuesday, October 24 2006     Tags: tools


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