There are lots of posts concerning the recent ComputerWorld article where the author claims ColdFusion is dead (along with Powerbuilder YES!).

Good discussions going on here:

Now I agree articles like this are complete fluff - but I do think it says something about ColdFusion - why does it constantly show up on lists like this? I think Adobe needs to seriously look at it's marketing and promotion of ColdFusion.

I know, I know - Ben and Tim just went on their whirlwind tour - but they were for the most part preaching to the choir - telling existing ColdFusion developers how great ColdFusion 8 is going to be....

But we already know that! :)

I think Adobe needs to do a few things:

  • Spend some money on advertising - during the Scorpio tour - there should have been t-shirts, bumper stickers, etc. for everyone. I have no idea if it's effective marketing or not - I'm just PO I didn't win a Scorpio t-shirt. :)
  • Look at the pricing of ColdFusion. Everyone else (PHP, .NET, JAVA, Rails, etc) is 'free'. Now that ColdFusion is part of Adobe (who has lots of $$) maybe there could be more flexibility in the pricing of ColdFusion?
  • Consider developing an ISP version of ColdFusion - the sandboxed CFAdmin login in Scorpio should make this easier. Price it right and get ColdFusion into the cheap hosting marketplace.
  • Make a concerted effort to get the ColdFusion name out into the mainstream press. And when there are articles like the ComputerWorld one published - demand they print a rebuttal.
  • Improve the tools available to ColdFusion developers. I would have no problem with a nice "Dreamweaver is dead" article.
  • Did I already mention free t-shirts?

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Published on Friday, May 25 2007     Tags: coldfusion


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