On an unrelated quest on Joel Spolsky's site I stumbled across Stack Overflow.  What is it?

Stack Overflow is a programming Q & A site that's free. Free to ask questions, free to answer questions, free to read, free to index, built with plain old HTML, no fake rot13 text on the home page, no scammy google-cloaking tactics, no salespeople, no JavaScript windows dropping down in front of the answer asking for $12.95 to go away. You can register if you want to collect karma and win valuable flair that will appear next to your name, but otherwise, it's just free. And fast. Very, very fast.

Looks really interesting - I learned a few things just clicking on several questions on the home page. And looking in the tags section - there are already a few ColdFusion related questions!

Looks like a valuable resource to add to the toolbox!

Published on Monday, September 15 2008    


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