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Should CFEclipse and Aptana Merge?

  • Friday, September 21 2007

I was digging around the Aptana forums today and noticed a few posts where people were looking for ColdFusion support from within Aptana - either by Aptana adding in the language support themselves or possibly by merging with CFEclipse!

Mark Drew made a few comments on the forum about how you can easily run the two plugins side by side but there were some good arguments presented for merging:

  • More people able to work on CFEclipse
  • Better integration of HTML/CSS/JS support while editing CFML files
  • Better support

I started thinking - why doesn't Adobe simply buy Aptana? :)

I didn't know much about Aptana but it is really interesting to read their About Us page...

Aptana was founded by Paul Colton in 2005. Prior to starting Aptana, Paul Colton founded several technology companies including Live Software. At Live Software, Paul helped define the Servlet API specification and also created JRun, the leading commercial Servlet and JSP engine.

Small world, huh?

Now there would be the huge issue of Aptana being in the same space as Dreamweaver though I really see DW being more of a designer tool, and CFEclipse/Aptana as a developer tool. I would use Notepad before I used Dreamweaver again.

I'm on the fence - while I'd like to see faster development on CFEclipse - I'm not sure merging it with Aptana would gain much... Thoughts??

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